Location Tracking Solutions

EW -- Mobile Resource Management

Embedded Works, the leader in connectivity and location based services, now offers solutions for Mobile Resource Management. Remotely track your assets, allow real-time visibility, improve driver performance and compliance, and cut fuel costs with mileage tracking. Whether you are tracking an asset, require remote monitoring and telematics data, or fleet management, we have a complete solution for you at a competitive cost.

For fleet management, we provide the capability to set alerting and reporting for maintenance intervals, geofence alerts, speed alerts, and excessive idling. Some or our hardware platforms allow you to monitor when doors are opened , or when the ignition is turned on or off. Some platforms allow for remote start-disable, in case of vehicle theft.

We have a large variety of hardware offerings to choose from, whether you need to do vehicle tracking, high-value asset tracking/ theft monitoring, or even personal tracking. The EW tracking and telematics (EWTT) platform runs in a browser, NOT as an app. So it will run on any platform whether in an office, or a mobile scenario.